As romantic as dropping your day job, and immediately pursing your passion is, it is not an advisable strategy. Dreaming about doing your ideal project immediately from the start is possible, but probably not profitable. If you have a dream project that you would like to pursue, don’t let it distract you completely. Use you interest in your passion to fuel other freelancing plans. For me, my first freelancing gig was through Upwork. Almost four months later I have become a top rated talent on the site with a 99% approval rating and almost 30 completed contracts. For me the best way I can follow my passion is to help others with theirs.


The first step you take when deciding to freelance isn’t a step at all. For a few critical reasons, it’s more like a jump or a leap. A step is something you can take at a fork in the road, where a left turn can be made just as easily a right. Making the choice between freelancing, and the typical 9 to 5 is not the same type of decision. The later occupation is a well trodden path, while the prior is best described as a jump off the deep end. If you are sure of what you want, then there is only one correct choice.


It can be hard to find work, and win contracts. Especially when you consider the amount of competition online. If you only apply to a few jobs, and then wait around to find your are out of work, you will be back in a cubicle. If you take advantage of the amount of jobs that are available to apply to, you will eventually land a contract. Once, you have your first job you have to keep searching for the second with the same ferocity that you found you first. Beyond satisfying your clients, the next job is the most important thing is finding you next job. If you do a good, you might be lucky enough to find they jobs coming to you. Even then, don’t stop looking for the next big opportunity. Comfort is the enemy of growth.