Excellent article. I think you have some great points about how to improve efficiency inside a group by not doing more work that was planned, and not directing resources to unintended endeavors. The main issue that I could think of, that would arrive from such an adaptive and short term mindset, would be planning in the long term to achieve hard to accomplish goals. One of the bullets in the section that described your "sprinting" strategy specifically mentions only focusing on the near future. Another bullet point in the same section talks about not working on projects that are impossible to accomplish. I am not trying to say that going after the low hanging fruit is a waste of time. Rather, I would like to point out that long term strategies that tackle tasks of greater difficulty can be just as, if not not more rewarding then projects that only focus on the here and now. I am not trying to say  that there isn’t a place for quick and profit focused projects that will provide short term advances. I just don’t think that is fair to explain the benefits of quick thinking and short term growth, without also realizing that there is a time and place for longer term strategies. You should be mindful of these things, especially if you are going to discourage out of the box thinking, and people’s passion projects.

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