Areas of Expertise



A to Z solutions honed from over a decade of modeling experience. Bit Drafted is an excellent option for everything from simple and functional designs to complex, organic surface modeling with class A requirements.



A small army 3d printers and a light CNC machine allow for quick turnaround for either samples, or finished part production. 5 years of experience with custom 3D printing and CNC g-code creation provide solutions for almost any manufacture issues, as well as a vast knowledge of materials. With experience with g-code slicers like Craftware, Slicer, Simplify 3D, and Cura, and tools like Meshmixer support generation, there is a good chance that we have a 3d printing solution for you.



DFM: design for manufacture

A track record of over 30 products brought to market in the last three years alone shows our knack for successfully navigating the manufacturing barrier and entering the marketplace. Our production experience extends to methods such as CNC milling and lathing , grinding wheels, swiss machines, stamped, extruded, and cast metal processes, as well as stamped and molded silicone parts and hard plastic injection molding.

Mesh Sculpting, STL/OBJ to CAD format conversion, and mesh repair

Some shapes are more well suited for sculpting rather than parametric modeling. We can either start a sculpt from scratch or modify and existing mesh model with sculpting tools like Meshmixer and Zbrush. If required those files can also be translated into CAD models, where the surfaces are smooth, and there are no polygonal faces. Also if you having trouble with animating or 3D printing your own mesh files, we can also repair your mesh files so that they will behave properly is post processing or slicing.




rendering and animation

Renders can provide an excellent way to prevent your product to others, advertise your product, or help critique your design by seeing what it might look like before you invest in making it a reality. We can provide still images, 360 degree rotate-able images, animations of the exploded view/reassembly of a product, and animations of the product in operation.

single & Multi Body Simulation


Quick simulations can be used to help make design decisions. Taking into account the materials and the geometry, things like displacement under load and Von Mises stress can be estimated, and the best option can be chosen based on the results. Simulations can even be made across multiple bodies. Parts can be constrained as there would be when assembled, and forces on one part can spread through the whole assembly, where each parts deflection and stresses can be examined individually.